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by Teri West

Great GrandParents, the Cochrans

Jeff and Louise Cochran

Married 8/26/1887

My family heritage is deeply rooted in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, hence the name of my website, Pigeon Creek Primitives, after Pigeon Creek, in Johnson County, Kentucky.  The photo above is of my great grandparents, my granny's mom and dad and my dad's maternal grandparents, whom I never got to meet as they passed away before I was born.  I am sure that the values that they passed on to my granny, and her to her sons, are a part of who I am today.  My granny, Martha E. Cochran Bayes passed away in 1996 at the age of 101, just 2 and a half weeks before she would have turned 102.   My dad, Glen E. Bayes, passed away of prostate cancer in 2004 at the age of 80.

My granny told a story of when she was young, she saw an organ in the Sears and Roebuck catalogue and she ordered it without the knowledge of her parents.  Weeks later the organ arrived on the train and when her dad went to the station, he had no idea she had ordered it and he didn't have the money to pay for it, so they sent it back.  I am guessing that she probably got a real whoopin for that.  I know music runs in the family and I think if she had actually had the opportunity, she would have played the organ.  I know she liked to whistle and spent many hours in her later years, when she lived with us, humming old songs and hymns.  My mother plays piano and she played a mandolin in her younger years.  I play violin, dulcimer, guitar, tin whistle, bowed psaltry, and the radio.  I am planning to learn to play a bowed dulcimer and maybe an ocharina in the future.

She also told tales of her daddy and granddaddy moonshinin' and hiding the still from the revenuers, but we won't go into that...  :)   Reckon I come by my mischief honestly!

I am located in Louisville, Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, famous for its mountains, beautiful horses, and talented craftspersons!

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